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Cat hissing at new cat

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lurkinginthenorth Mon 28-Sep-15 22:24:41

Not sure what to put as a title!

About 12-18 months ago, a seemingly stray black cat appeared in our garden. He was a very nervous cat but healthy and he would often be found eating our black cat's food and sleeping on our sofas. As soon as he was rumbled, he would scarper! As it turned out, our black cat didn't like the other cat coming in the house (he would hiss, fight and defecate) so we altered the cat flap and the stray black cat disappeared for months.

Second to last weekend in August I went outside on our decking to find a pathetic scrap of a thing stray black cat meowing pitifully at me. At first he didn't register as 'stray black cat' until I clocked his ear (he has a small tear in one of them) and realised who he was. He looked awful so naturally I fed him - 3 packets and still wanting more!

Over the next few days,'stray black cat' didn't leave the decking. He stayed put. So we put up the kids' sun shelter (water-proof), a bed inside, drinking and feeding bowls. Since then, he has made great progress and seems to have adopted us! He's been with us for six weeks; lived outside but has been increasing in confidence to come inside. He is a lovable, anxious and nervous little cat who likes to just lie on the sofa. (We also flea and worm treated him too!)

But our cat will NOT entertain him. We have slowly introduced 'stray black cat' into the household but today our black cat was curled in a corner behind the sofa in the dining area (I think hiding) and 'stray black cat' wandered by, looked and walked slowly towards our black cat. He wasn't threatening or vicious just seemingly friendly and curious. But our black cat hissed, growled and then began hacking at stray black cat who defended himself but our cat then defecated in tremendous fashion all over due to stress! We cleaned up, shoved both cats out and after 2 hours, our black cat came back.

So tonight, our black cat is curled up on the sofa and 'stray black cat' is outside in his bed in the tent shelter. I have contacted a cat charity who have given me a number to contact someone about 'sending him on'.

DH and I are quite fond of 'stray black cat' but loyal to our black cat too. Ideally, we don't want to give up 'stray black cat' because he has a lovely nature and is not vicious. DS aged 3 has taken to him too!

So what to do next? Is it possible for our black cat and 'stray black cat' to get along in the same house? Not necessarily grooming each other and purring into each others' eyes but at least tolerate each other in the same room! Or should we seek to re-home 'stray black cat'?

We have asked around about 'stray black cat' and nobody seems to own him.

Florriesma Mon 28-Sep-15 22:29:42

They've been introduced wrong so start again.
Completely separate them I would also plug in Feliway whilst doing this. Keep new cat in a separate room and rub old cats blanket over new cat to scent him then return the favour.
Keep doing this. Separate litter and food. After a few days to a week introduce them for a a few minutes. Keep extending the time. It may take a while before they tolerate each other. L9ts of American cat owners websites have information on how to introduce cats some of it seems over the top though. Depends what you can realistically do.

lurkinginthenorth Tue 29-Sep-15 19:56:06

Thanks. Visited the vet today to book him in for neutering and she said exactly the same thing. So we've taken the bedding from stray cat and we are going to place it nearby our cat when he's asleep. We've started the rubbing! grin!

Florriesma Tue 29-Sep-15 22:29:07

Ah good luck. My 2 ended up best of friends.

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