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Unreasonable expectations of my 4 month old pup?

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kansasmum Fri 24-Jul-15 11:08:46

We have a gorgeous 4 month old Border collie puppy. We've always had dogs but our other dog is 10 so can't remember how he was at house training!
The pup will go outside and wee and poop but he will then come back in and about 10-15 mins later wee on the floor! He also poops on the floor even though he'd been let out very recently.
When he goes outside we give him loads if praise and use one phrase( get busy) and he seems to get it.
The weather has been nice so he's been out in the garden a lot recently and not inside much so I'm wondering if that's not helped?
He will wee when on a walk but has never pooped yet but not bothered by that. I know 4 months is young so maybe my expectations are WAY too high but books etc say lots of dogs are housetrained by this age. My well meaning friend suggested rubbing his nose in it and saying no but I think this cruel and will just make him nervous and I really don't want that. Fortunately he is kept mostly in kitchen which has hard floor so clean up is easy!!

dogood Fri 24-Jul-15 12:43:35

Is your new puppy neutered??? Could he be scent marking because you have another dog? I don't think rubbing his nose in it is going to any good at all. You've obviously had dogs before and dogs do well when rewarded with praise and not punishment smile

insanityscatching Fri 24-Jul-15 12:52:12

I think you need to go back to basics so take him outside every 30 minutes or so and praise him as soon as he goes. He's too young just yet for you to get away with letting him out and letting him get on with it. Having free access to the garden won't have helped either.
If he doesn't go pick him up and carry him round for five minutes so that he doesn't get the chance to toilet inside and then take him back outside.
It's time consuming initially but Eric our dog was fully house trained by 10 weeks and he's never had an accident since so a couple of weeks of doing nothing much else paid off here.

Booboostwo Fri 24-Jul-15 13:15:35

Make sure you clean the accident areas thoroughly, they may look clean to you but may still smell to the dog (plenty of specialist products out there, e.g. Urine Off, Simple Solution).

Do you go out with the puppy whe he goes to the garden? If he is alone h may be rushing to get back to you. Also if you know he goes again 30 minutes later try taking him out just before.

House training a puppy can be a long drawn out process but you will get there.

kansasmum Fri 24-Jul-15 14:08:10

Thanks- think we are going to go back to basics and take him out really often and lots of praising etc. I know he will get there eventually! Maybe I need to get a special cleaner for hard floors?? I assumed the smell didn't linger once floors been washed but perhaps he can still smell it? Pets at Home do a hard floor cleaner so might give it a go!

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