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Rehoming my dog

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Battleshiphips Wed 15-Jul-15 20:03:19

I was just after a bit of advice and wondering if anyone else had been in this situation. We got a rescue dog around 18 months ago because we decided our human family was complete (I tried for 6 yrs to conceive but due to fertility problems couldn't). We love him to bits but he is fear aggressive. The training he has had does not seemed to have worked and although he is lovely with me, my DH and ds (and a few other family members) he doesn't like other dogs and also people including children. We have just found out I am pregnant, it was not planned and we are still a bit hmm as to how it happened as we use contraception! I know in my heart that we are probably going to have to rehome him but in the meantime we are taking him to a behaviour consultant and spending a good few hundred on behaviour therapy for him to see if we can sort his problems out.

I have sobbed for 3 days solid as he is part of the family and I cannot bear the thought of him not being around. My ds will be devastated if we have to lose him.

Has anyone else been through this, what was the outcome and how did your kids handle it?

Dionysuss Sat 15-Aug-15 18:24:41

As sad as they will be if the dog gets rehomed, dc will get over it.

We tried keeping one of our dogs after ds arrived. My making sure they were constantly apart, keeping gates shut, keeping ds away from gate ect was too stressful for us all. He now lives with a friend, and we all breathed a sigh of relief tbh. Parting ways was best for us and dog, his much happier. And his new owner is a dog walker.

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