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Please don't laugh, but I think I may have eaten dd's hamster, I am so upset.

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LaPauvre Thu 09-Nov-06 15:28:16

Please don't laugh at me, I am so upset. She is at school, she will be gutted

I warmed up a pot of chicken casserole left over from yesterday to have for my lunch. I have eaten it, it's too late to do anything, but it was boiling for a good hour before I ate it and now I've just gone to feed dd's hamster and his cage is open and he isn't there . There was no lid on the casserole pot, his cage was on the shelf at the other end of the kitchen and the door was shut so there isn't really anywhere else he could have gone. He must have fallen in and drowned before it got hot, that's the only thing I can think of. I didn't find the hamster in the stew obviously, but there were some hairs in the pot, I just washed it it was full of bones anyway because they were those cheap chicken portions just boiled in from frozen.

Please, don't just laugh at me, I know this sounds silly but he was my daughter's birthday present, she is 6 and I don't think she will ever forgive me

southeastastra Thu 09-Nov-06 15:33:31

the hamster would have had to be quite fireproof to even climb into the pan. check everywhere else before you step on it.

Flamesparrow Thu 09-Nov-06 15:33:38

It means "the poor one"

LaPauvre Thu 09-Nov-06 15:33:48

i have checked all the cupboards, he isn't there, I did wonder if he could have got out under the door but I think it is too narrow.

sassy Thu 09-Nov-06 15:33:48

Is your name Freddie Starr?

Mellowma Thu 09-Nov-06 15:33:50

Message withdrawn

DizzyBint Thu 09-Nov-06 15:34:12

koshka- she didnt notice a hamster, she may not notice a dog either. best she gets a horse.

liath Thu 09-Nov-06 15:34:15

Honestly - you would have noticed, unless you're used to chicken portions with fur on them.

Hamster is bound to be somewhere else.

You can't post a thread like this & not expect people to chuckle I'm afraid.

sandyballs Thu 09-Nov-06 15:34:18

If this is for real and not a joke then please calm down. I'm sure the hamster is hiding in the house somewhere . no way can you eat a hamster and not realise.

MrsBadger Thu 09-Nov-06 15:34:20

just tell her the cage was left open by accident and he must have escaped, and has run off to live with the water voles (or whatever pleasant fiction you fancy)

no need to mention the casserole

somethingunderthebedisdrooling Thu 09-Nov-06 15:34:22

guinea pigs is part of the staple diet in the Andes so i don't have a problem with eating hamsters.

Mellowma Thu 09-Nov-06 15:34:40

Message withdrawn

ilovecaboose Thu 09-Nov-06 15:35:10

they can get out of tiny gaps. Unless you were cooking with sulphuric acid then there is no way you could have missed it.

nailpolish Thu 09-Nov-06 15:35:21

what IS the difference between hamsters and guinea pigs

apart from where the come from

Koshka1984 Thu 09-Nov-06 15:35:43

dizzyBint - good idea!

Its a good thing babies are quite big, imagine if she looked away for a few minutes!

ilovecaboose Thu 09-Nov-06 15:36:12

the size for one thing. Though apart from that I don't actually know, cept guinea pigs are lovely and hamsters are boring.

Flamesparrow Thu 09-Nov-06 15:37:27

Guinea pigs go wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep and hamsters don't....

BettySpaghetti Thu 09-Nov-06 15:37:39

Not quite sure what it says about your cooking skills if you can't tell if you've eaten a hamster in your casserole

LaPauvre Thu 09-Nov-06 15:37:58

I don't really understand why people are laughing, haven't you got children? My dd will not think this is funny, I am dreading her coming home. I know it sounds like you couldn't eat a hamster, I feel sick thinking about it, but honestly there isn't anywhere else he could be, he was there this morning.

nailpolish Thu 09-Nov-06 15:38:17

oh yes i love that noise guinea pigs make

Koshka1984 Thu 09-Nov-06 15:38:39

hamsters dissolve in casserole, and maybe guinea pigs dont

LaPauvre Thu 09-Nov-06 15:38:42

hamsters are smaller than guinea pigs, he is about the same as a biggish mouse but quite fluffy

oliveoil Thu 09-Nov-06 15:38:42

<<<no-one has mentionned how the hair got in the pot if the hamster is peeping out behind the fridge and giggling>>

katierocket Thu 09-Nov-06 15:39:20

LoL Koshka1984

Oh FFS LaPauvre, we're not stupid

katierocket Thu 09-Nov-06 15:39:45

OO - eeeewwww yuck

southeastastra Thu 09-Nov-06 15:39:55

check everywhere honestly they can get into tiny places

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