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How to stop cat jumping onto surfaces?

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IfInDoubtPout Thu 30-Apr-15 08:11:03

Our cat is getting increasingly defiant in his old age. Having never shown interest in the dining room table he now constantly sits in it (he knows he shouldn't). This is annoying but I've accepted it as part and parcel of having him around and just clean the table all the time.

This morning I came down to find him sitting on a display worksurface as part of the dining room cupboard area. It's varnished oak and from that one sitting he's already scratched the oak. This is something that I wish to stop him from doing immediately and urgently. He has the table he can go on if he really has to. I don't want a very expensive and not very old worktop ruined with cat marks and scratches (I'm quite fussy).

How can I do this? Our attempts at the dining table we've given up on as they are futile and haven't worked. We've tried taking him down from the table, shimmying him down from the table and covering the table with upturned chairs all the time when not in use so he can't get on.

What are we missing and what can we do? Right now all I've done is covered the front of the unit with cereal boxes to give a barrier to stop him jumping up there temporarily, but there must be something I can do to stop him ever doing it again and preventing scratches...surely?

MoustacheofRonSwanson Fri 01-May-15 03:41:17

Cats seek high places when they are anxious, and want to survey what is going on around them from a high vantage point (i.e. they can see everything that is going on and be out of the way of any approaching danger). Does either the table or the counter give a good view out of a window? If so, he could be using it to keep an eye on other cats in the area who are coming around

So I'd suggest two things. 1. Get a cat tree that has a pretty high top bunk (one that is very comfy and safe, perhaps soft/furry, even one that is enclosed so he can "hide", it's ideal if the top bunk is the highest spot in the room). 2. I'd find out what is making him more anxious than usual- it could be something like another cat is coming into his territory regularly, a change in his routine, an unnoticed injury, or just getting older.

Generally as well, I would try to be as chilled about it as you can. If you get anxious, fussy or angry with him, it will increase his anxiety rather than reduce it.

ThumbWitchesAbroad Fri 01-May-15 03:51:30

Can you not cover the surface with something so that if he should jump up it won't get ruined? Mats, or a runner or something?

IfInDoubtPout Fri 01-May-15 14:05:42

Oh that makes a lot of sense. We have a neighbouring cat coming into his territory and he is now pretty much stuck in the garden. The cat sometimes comes into our garden and we saw him pouncing on our cat a couple of weeks ago. Our cat us an outdoor cat but is now in loads, either because of this other cat or getting old or both.

Dh has suggested getting a tall stool for cat to use in the kitchen against the back door which is glass on the top half of the door so he can sit on it whenever and look outside. The dining room table and unit do offer views outside. Do you think our cat would go for that if we put his cushion on the stool (it's a wide seat one with space) or would he just use the dining room surface anyway?

ragged Fri 01-May-15 14:36:51

Wouldn't he fall off, wouldn't the cushion slip & make him fall off? Doesn't sound like a good place to leap to.

IfInDoubtPout Fri 01-May-15 14:53:06

Oh no I hadn't thought of that... One side of te chair will be against a wall and another a door.... Will have to think this through

zarzlee71 Mon 15-Jun-15 16:23:14

Hey, one tip I have found useful is using citrus scented furniture polish. cats hate the smell of oranges ect.

bexlass24 Sun 21-Jun-15 10:54:09

Cats also dislike the smell of Vick I've found. Maybe dot some around where you don't want him to sit. Just a small amount should do the trick.

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