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Cat due to deliver whilst we're on honeymoon

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Rosyelise Fri 24-Apr-15 10:34:17

We have three cats - one older female and a 1 year old brother and sister.
The 1 year old sister is pregnant but we booked our honeymoon 6 months ago and it looks like she may give birth while we're away for 10 days.
Any advice?
I've warned my cat sitter who is coming twice a day, and I have set up a box with sheets and a jumper that smells of me.

SoftSheen Fri 24-Apr-15 10:40:48

Either get a (very experienced) cat sitter to live in your house for the duration or cancel your honeymoon.

And get your cats neutered to prevent this ever happening again.

mrscatmad31 Sun 10-May-15 17:54:52

for gods sake get your cat neutered, do you have any idea how many healthy cats are put down as there aren't enough homes?

AlpacaMyBags Sun 10-May-15 18:05:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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