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Microchip- please help

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Stillyummy Wed 31-Dec-14 10:51:35

Missing, microchipped, so where are they? Kept by a finder? Sold on? Rehomed? Put To Sleep? Victim of a road or rail incident?

At the moment there is no legislation introduced with Standard Operation Procedures in place to scan and check registration of microchips. This means missing microchipped pets will continue to vanish.

I was totally shocked when I realised that vets don't check routeenly, only if you ask them to and tell them you found the animal. This worries me a lot as I stupidly assumed chipping would make my pets safer, or at least let me know what happened to them.

To change this please sign and share this petition, you may need to find your pet one day!

Please also make shore your details are up to date with your microchip ping company, encase your pet goes missing.

AND... please can I be cheeky and ask you to comment on the post to keep it live as long as possible.

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