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Fleas on cats and dogs and Frontline v Advantage

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sharon798 Thu 04-Dec-14 17:39:45

I recently had a flea infestation problem. I was at a complete loss as I was using Frontline on my cat (15 years old), as I had always done but was still getting fleas and was having to spend lots of money on extra products to use in the home/furnishings etc. Not to mention feeling awful about the fact and having to put up with flea bites. I searched online and found a thread on Mumsnet which really helped me. I wasn't a member but wanted to share my success and so I have joined up just to post this. I hope it helps someone.

Basically, Frontline DOES NOT WORK ANY MORE!. It might be that it doesn't work only on older animals who have always had it used on them as their flea prevention. It may be that all fleas have become immune to it. I don't know, but it doesn't work and I wish I had known that before.

So, I purchased Advantage by Bayer instead. Instant results! Within a couple of days most of the fleas had gone. I re-applied it after a week (rather than a month) because of the hold which the fleas had got. Within two weeks there was not a single flea left. Any fleas in the home environment went onto the cat and were killed. My cat goes outside every night, so will have exposure to new fleas. They are killed instantly. I did not have to use any other extra products on the home environment. They were all killed on the cat.

My daughter recently moved back in for a while, bringing her dog. I was worried about fleas, as I had just got rid of them all. This dog (8 years old) had also always had Frontline. I immediately bought the dog version of Advantage to treat her with. Again, no problems with fleas whatsoever.

This really was a very stressful experience to go through and I don't want anyone else to go through it if they don't need to. If you have problems and have always used Frontline, please change it for Advantage. You will be very happy. I know I sound evangelical but it has really saved me! I do not have any connection to Advantage or Bayer! I just wanted to share my success story......

VeganCow Sat 06-Dec-14 23:33:06

Yes, I have too heard this about flea stuff.
They can become immune I suppose. Frontline active ingredient is Fipronil, whereas Advantage uses Imidacloprid.
I loathe all pesticides but do use them as it's not fair to let a pet become infested with fleas, I just don't do them every month, more like every 2.
I use Advantage.
Have been researching diatomaceous Earth for fleas, seems more natural so might start using it.

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