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RIP Hamster

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parques Sat 29-Nov-14 12:33:58

Just had to take our pet hamster to the vet to be put to sleep. Feeling so sad and cried in the surgery. I'm a bloody grown woman! Feeling daft but so sad. RIP little mate sad

TheFairyCaravan Sat 29-Nov-14 12:38:51

(((Hugs))) I totally understand why you are upset, they are lovely little things and are one of the family. Every one we have had has had a different personality.

I cried so much when I took one of ours to be put down that the receptionist took pity on me and posted the bill out.

My beautiful little hamster, Rupert, died 4 weeks ago today. I cried on and off all day, he was 2yrs 9 months.

parques Sat 29-Nov-14 23:06:53

Thank you TheFairyCaravan. I am sorry for the loss of Rupert. They really are lovely little things.

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