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our cat has gone missing

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whataboutbob Wed 12-Nov-14 17:29:21

She was last at home yesterday morning. She usually ranges around the back gardens but not on the street. She is a tabby, non pedigree we got her at Battersea. DH is realy cutting up rough, he was on the phone to Battersea and in tears when I got home. I am sad but will get over it if she doesn't return. She does have a very nice personality and is good for our 2 boys. Our area of south london is fox central and i am a bit despondent. Sympathy with weetabixeverywhere.

BunnyMama Wed 12-Nov-14 17:47:11

I'm so sorry. You need to go out calling her as much as you can. The other thing to bear in mind is that cats are generally within a close proximity to their houses, they don't stray as far as people may think. Go around your neighbours and ask if you can personally look in their garages/outhouses/sheds. Don't rely on them to say they'll do it - they won't. If they say it's not convenient, ask if you can call her and listen, and get a time that you can call back that it is convenient. Tell them she'll only come out for you or DH. Leave a post-it note with your mobile on it. And it won't be the foxes. They tend to ignore cats and if it is fox central they will already have a better food supply than trying to kill a healthy adult cat with teeth and claws.
There is the sad possibility that she has been knocked down. Get some flyers printed up with her picture and basic description. Don't forget to put where she was last seen on (don't give your house number though). Put REWARD at the top in big letters.
Register her missing online - there's a couple of lost and found pet websites. Have a look to see if any cat has been found matching her description. Was she chipped? I expect so if she came from Battersea.
Don't give up hope but start searching as soon as you can. Knock on doors, speak to people, be prepared to make a (polite) nuisance of yourself - don't be embarassed to ask people for help. I hope you find her x

whataboutbob Wed 12-Nov-14 21:08:11

Thanks so much Bunnymama. DH and DS1 went out knocking on doors and have put posters up.I haven't given up hope. Good to hear about the foxes, altho I have to say I witnessed a fox in hot pursuit of a cat when I was on my allotment one day. The fox saw me and froze, and the cat made its getaway. I did think at the time it would have eaten it if it had caught it. It was spring, so maybe it had cubs to feed. Will post again if we find her.

whataboutbob Fri 14-Nov-14 18:55:07

Lucy still hasn t come home. It s hard to believe she will. We re pretty sad about it. I thought I was pretty tough about things ( lots of human bereavements and illness to manage in the last 10 years) but I still feel bad about not having her around and not knowing what s happened to her.

whataboutbob Mon 17-Nov-14 19:09:10

We got her back! My husband had an intuition she may have gone missing in a home that is being totally done up on the street parallel to ours. This morning i went round there and spoke to a builder, in Romanian (I can get by, having lived in Bucharest) made sure he had a flyer and this afternoon low and behold his "handler" rang us to say they'd found her under the floorboards. She's lost a fair bit of weight and is very subdued. We are keeping the cat flap on LOCKED for now!

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