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safety of flea spray in the house for kids

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Weetabixeverywhere Mon 03-Nov-14 21:26:55

Our cat appears to have bought fleas into the house and they are really going for DS, he is covered in bites and really itchy. While I was just sitting on his bedroom floor reading him a book, one jumped onto his arm and bite him - just horrible. I have the pest control man booked to come tomorrow to spray the whole house, but I have just read up on the ingredient he uses (bendiocarb) and it sounds really toxic so I am now really worried about having the kids rooms sprayed with this highly toxic chemical. Has anyone else had the pest control man for fleas or know anything about its safety?

Lweji Mon 03-Nov-14 21:55:42

I hope this helps.

It doesn't seem particularly dangerous and the pest control man will probably allow for enough breathing for the room after treatment.

I would thoroughly wash bedding in particular at a high temperature to get rid of both fleas and insecticide.

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