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Cat pooing on bed with us in it

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Squigglypig Sat 18-Oct-14 04:46:31

Last weekend our cat woke us at 6 am with some urgent meowing and basically had had diarrhea/been sick on our bed / the bedroom floor. We were in bed at time but were asleep/half asleep and hadn't realised what was happening until it was too late. It was completely out of character, we've had her for 9 years and she's probably about 12/14 (we inherited her from the person we bought our first flat from). She has a catflap and has always gone outside, to the point that when we moved house 2 years ago and got her a litter tray she literally didn't know what it was and couldn't bring herself to poo in it.

I thought perhaps it was a bug and she'd felt really poorly and not known so had tried to wake us up and that it was just a one-off. She seemed out of sorts for the day after but had been fine since.

Then this morning, a week to the day at 4 am I woke to a more gentle mewing and yep, again she pooed on the bed with us in it.My husband thinks she was sick but I would've thought I'd have heard gagging. It was not as bad as last week but obviously it's not normal and it's disgusting to have to deal with

I'm going to make an appointment to see vet as soon as possible but just wondered if anyone else had had this and what they did about it.

Ps to put it in context she doesn't normally sleep upstairs, she sleeps in living room and she'd have to have come upstairs to where we slept, which is probably further than going out into garden.

Stillyummy Tue 18-Nov-14 09:50:07

She needs to be looked over by a vet so it is good you already plan to do this.

is she scratching furniture or reluctant to go out side? If so it could be stress And for some reason feeling she can go out- new cat on her patch or similar? In witch case I would recommend a feliway, a litter tray (use a different litter to last time, some cats don't like certain things) and making shore that your cat flap doesn't let other cats in. If your cat flap is quite exposed you could try putting some plant pots round it so it is less exposed and that may make it less stressful for her to go out at night.

Unfortunately cats like people can start loosing there marbles as they get older in witch case you may just have to limit her run of the house so she doesn't have the option to soil as many locations.

SarahCraine Fri 21-Nov-14 05:27:31

There are underlying reasons why cats don't use the litter tray properly. First is the location of the tray, and its size compared to the size of your cat. Take into consideration also the substance used on the tray (cats don't like strong deodorant smell). Then, make sure that the floor underneath the tray is not slippery. Finally, remove the dirt regularly.

If you are done with all these and yet nothing happens, your cat may be experiencing a medical or behavioral problem. It is a good decision to make an appointment with your vet.

wtffgs Fri 21-Nov-14 06:59:35

I bought a Feliway diffuser as our 14 yo moggy was soiling daily, sometimes up to 3 times a day. He had clean trays and access to outdoors and had not previously had problems. I think he is stressed by the arrival of new, younger cats in the neighbourhood.

Total result! No soiling since I began using it. I plugged it in the lounge because he likes it there. The downside is that it is £15 per month confused

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