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Turtles, does anyone have them?

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IneedAwittierNickname Fri 17-Oct-14 13:49:53

Hi all.
I recently inherited a pair of musk turtles and complete tank set up. My son has wanted some for a few years now but I could never afford the tank etc so snapped up the chance to have these.

Anyway. They are in a large tank with a light in the lid, which is what I presume the previous owner was told they need.
However when I was googling something else I found this is apparently not the case.
Pet stores seem to say it's ok though.

So does anyone have any ideas if this set up is ok or do I need to change it (now idea how I afford that) as the advice I've found online seems to differ.

IneedAwittierNickname Fri 17-Oct-14 13:50:53

Sorry just realised that's really badly worded.

According to what I found online turtles shouldn't be in lidded tanks.

Stillyummy Tue 18-Nov-14 17:42:15

is it a turtle or a terrapin? I know Terrapins need uv light or the get sick. I am no expert but these people are...

Leela5 Mon 08-Dec-14 07:48:18

Get yourself a book or care sheet on turtles, from expert organisation like British Chelonia group or amazon for books.

Turtles need large enclosure, heat lamp, uv lamp, water, branching and rocks to climb on and bask. If you don't provide correct environment they will become sick and possibly die.

Please go and do some research on them - lots of online sources with care sheets. If you're not able to care for them call the fbh for help with rehoming

Leela5 Mon 08-Dec-14 07:55:34

Some links to care sheets

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