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Help! I've have a new kitten.

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Slinkysista Tue 01-Apr-14 20:17:10

I need some help and advice, my husband and sons got me a kitten for Mother's Day, I had mentioned a few times last year that I would like one but had sort of gone off the idea. Anyway my husband got one from the cat's home,it's very cute and fluffy but I really don't know how I'm going to deal with her being in the house 24/7 for a month:-(( ( the cattery recommended that we keep her in for this length of time). I clean her tray out at least three times a day, is this enough? What products do I need to eliminate cat smells in my house, do those covered over litter trays really work?
Please help:-/

Redirected Wed 02-Apr-14 18:36:45

First question is how old is she, and the second is has she been neutered?

If she is not neutered then she really shouldn't go out until she has been .... unless you plan on having your teenage cat having a litter!
If neutered but still only 9-12 weeks old, then she is still a baby! She will learn to go out, but needs to find her feet slowly..... its a big scary world out there!

Cat trays don't smell if they are kept clean.
Keeping it clean will also stop the cat choosing to pee elsewhere because the tray is dirty and nasty to use.
Yes, covered lit trays work, and need to be changed regularly to avoid smells. There are two choices: either put in shallow litter and change it all dailt, or put in a deep layer and just remove solids daily - changing the whole contents once every few days.
The best litter to keep smells at a minimum is Catsan, IMO (cat owners all have their own favourite! Experiment and find your own)

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