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Are Balinese cats really hypoallegenic?

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Love2Dance Thu 13-Mar-14 16:17:19

I am allergic to but love cats. Swore that when our cat died I could not live with another. I was also advised not to by an ENT consultant as I am also asthmatic and ended up with continuous allergy/sinus/wheezing problems.

BUT, I have 2 children (7 and 3) and we are missing our 3 year old Bengal boy dreadfully (we have it on good info that he was shot by some B******d with an air gun). My question is, if we are ever ready to get another cat (just as much for DH and I as for the children), are Balinese really that different in terms of allergic reaction?

Love2Dance Thu 13-Mar-14 20:11:07


Love2Dance Fri 14-Mar-14 18:39:09

STOP PRESS: In case anyone reads this thread, to our utter delight and surprise our Bengal boy managed to get home to us today after going missing for 18 days, looking dreadful and having lost almost half his body weight. So, no need for any answers on Balinese jut yet. I am so happy to have him home even with my allergy (atishoo!) grin

FaceDirectionOfTravel Sat 15-Mar-14 23:03:58

Oh so pleased for you.

But also interested in hypoallergenic cats....

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