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WWYD: Looking after next door's cat and think she might be ill

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Chesterado Sun 23-Feb-14 19:12:15

Help, I'm feeding the neighbours' indoor only cat for a week whilst they are away. All was well on Thursday but since Friday she seems to have an upset stomach as there are lots of loose poos in her litter tray.

There is no obvious reason for her to have an actual stomach upset as she doesn't go out and I'm giving her her usual wet food and biscuits In a normal/hygienic fashion.

According to various cat sites, this could just be because she's stressed by the change to routine. Anyone experienced this? If it is stress the last thing I want to do is chase her round and bundle her down to the vets for no reason, as will only upset her further, but I'd also hate to not get her checked out if she's unwell. Owners not really contactable but back on Thursday!

MarketingMonkey Sun 23-Feb-14 19:21:51

No experience of the symptoms you describe but we also had a sick cat when cat sitting for friends last summer.

We did take him to the vets as didn't want anything to happen to him on our watch!

In that case (different symptoms as I said) he was ill and needed medication which the vets were happy to invoice our friends when they returned rather than charging us there and then.

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