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Alpha dog died, remaining dog bereft. Advice please!

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IronOrchid Thu 13-Feb-14 18:34:17

Our beloved dog Poppy had to be put to sleep this week. Our remaining dog, Rosie, is now very lethargic (except when left alone for short periods, where she becomes very anxious) and looks completely lost!

Poppy was very much the alpha and instigated much of Rosie's behaviour. We've tried getting Rosie interested in treats and toys (Kong stuffed with stinky fish, which she normally loves) but she just looks so morose.

Has anyone exerienced this sort of situation? We've bought a clicker for Rosie as read that training can help her gain confidence/assertiveness, but would like more advice. Thank you!

throckenholt Thu 13-Feb-14 18:50:39

sorry you lost your dog. Sounds like your other one is really missing her. Give her time to get used to it, try and gently encourage her - as much outside exercise to help tire her out and take her mind of the empty house.
Hopefully she will adapt soon.

IronOrchid Thu 13-Feb-14 21:33:45

Thanks for the reply smile

Took Rosie for a good walk this morning, though she spent most of the time looking for her pal - will persevere and hope she adjusts soon. Horrible to see her pine so.

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