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Please help me - toilet trained dog relapse!

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Twattyzombiebollocks Wed 05-Feb-14 20:08:38

My dog is almost 3. She has been reliably toilet trained with no accidents barring one on bonfire night since she was a year old. Suddenly in the last 3 months she has started toileting in the house. It's not every day, not even once a week, we are talking about once or twice a month, which rules out illness I think.
Tonight she has pissed on my sons bed. Kids were playing quietly in the room. Dog on the bed (which she isn't allowed but she ignores the kids and only listens to me) suddenly she stood up, squatted and pissed on his bed, which has ruined his mattress.
2 weeks ago she randomly had a crap at the door of the toy room. Nobody up there at the time, I was in the sitting room with the baby, she could have asked to go out at any time (she stands at door and looks at me) next thing I know kids shout downstairs that the dog has pood on the floor.
A couple of weeks before that she pissed on my bed, ruining my velvet bedspread which cost me a fortune and also managed to get a pillow which was also ruined.
Over Christmas she pissed on the sofa. There were people in the room, so again she could have asked to go out had she wanted to.
Could this be a territorial thing? As all the places she has peed (barring the poo incident outside the toy room) are places where she likes to lie if I'm not in the room, but that she gets evicted from in short order when I come in.
She has the run of the house except the top floor where the playroom is as there's a stair gate on there which is normally closed.
I just don't know what to make of it, but it can't carry on because she's causing a lot of damage. My sons mattress is ruined, there's a huge puddle of piss right on the middle of it, that's going to be £300 to replace.
Bedspread cost me £250 and I can't afford to replace that which I'm gutted about.
Sofa I had to have professionally cleaned which was expensive. I wish she would just piss on the floor (she never does which is what makes me think it's a statement rather than illness or that she can't wait to go outside)

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