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Cat went a bit "mad" when we changed his food to Felix

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Olivegirl Sat 01-Feb-14 17:31:28

My lovely laid back ,easy going cat normally eats sachets of supermarkets own cheapest cat problem...but then when I spotted Felix at more or less the same price I bought some ..thinking poor cat always eats cheap I'll get him a treat. ( couple of weeks worth) ..he seemed to love them ..but within this time he had a complete personality change , he became whiney and would whinge all the time he would constantly be demanding food?
It was driving me nuts and could not understand what was up with him until now ...back on the original shops own cheaper stuff ..which he still eats ....he is back to his old self?
Just wondering if anyone else has had this with their pets?
Or would it have been something else?

excitedmummytobe Mon 17-Feb-14 16:43:32

I always fed my cat pet food (any brand) until i realised its like raising your child on ready meals. you wouldnt do it. there are all sorts of chemicals and additives in pet food so it doesnt surprise me that it could cause such a personality change. generally the more recognisable the brand the worse the ingredients and the same goes for dog food. iv recently swapped his wet dinner treat for a portion of the dogs dinner be it some liver or a bit of chicken. he tends to feed himself whilst out the rest of the day. change him off pet food completely and youll see a change. in my experience it doesnt cost anymore and your cat will be healthier and live longer. grin

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