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Best food for cats?

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Nataleejah Mon 20-Jan-14 10:35:38

Adopted a cat last weekend. Previous owners fed her crap food -- happy shoppers and whiskas. Also she has a skin illness and her coat is not shiny.

What does everyone feed their cats? She loves corned beef and ham, but it is salty and full of crap i cant give it to her all the time

lookdeepintotheparka Mon 20-Jan-14 10:41:59

Try the 'litter tray' forum on here for some good threads about cat food smile

Personally, we use Royal Canin dry food for ours with a bit of Waitrose wet food per day. Sounds expensive but she eats much less than the cheap stuff (Felix and whiskas) that she was eating when she came to us!

DorothyGherkins Mon 20-Jan-14 10:54:23

I used to feed my friends four cats when she went away. I often to go in to find runny cat shit all over the house. I d been left tinned food and dried food. After a few days I twigged the dirty days came after feeding them the dried stuff, and stopped feeding them it. No more pooey carpets. My friend loved me for making the connection, apparently they'd been doing this for ages, but not told me. Thanks mate! I think the offending item was Go Cat, and it certainly made them do that. I think it had a high wheat content which cats dont need. That is the end of my wisdom on cats food, but thought it worth sharing!

Nataleejah Mon 20-Jan-14 11:10:22

I bought her a block of Gourmet Gold, but its by Purina and i'm not buying that again.

lookdeepintotheparka Mon 20-Jan-14 11:15:01

Often it's just trial and error! We tried quite a few before cat seemed happy and her digestive system was working better too!

If you are feeding dry, better quality is the way to go eg Royal Canin, James Wellbeloved, Iams etc. Our vet said cheap dry food is the worst!!

Weegiemum Mon 20-Jan-14 11:23:23

We have a 14 week old kitten. He's on Asda Tiger Kitten pouches and Whiskas Kitten dry food. Fit, healthy, incredibly active, gaining proper amount of weight, shiny coat. He was being fed on that when we got him at 8 weeks and he seems to be thriving on it.

Nataleejah Mon 20-Jan-14 11:24:36

I think i'll go to butchers and get some livers and kidneys. Sometimes cat likes one and not the other, so need to see what she likes

HMG83 Mon 20-Jan-14 11:41:48

I've had mine on a raw diet for 4 months now and they love it. They don't pester me for my food anymore, their coats are shiny and soft and their poo doesn't smell!

Natural Instinct is the brand I use. It arrives frozen in 500g tubs and I just take a tub out of the freezer as required and leave in fridge and portion up every day.

2 cats eating 100g each a day works out at roughly £30 for 6weeks worth of food.

Nottalotta Sat 25-Jan-14 22:03:52

My cat has iams biscuits. Loves them.

excitedmummytobe Mon 17-Feb-14 16:50:04

cheapest healthiest and easiest way iv found is buying those packs of cheap meat from the butchers. the liver and kidneys for 99p etc and whole fish from the supermarket . preparing these foods raw can be tricky and messy so i just whack them in the oven and portion it out between the cat and the dog at dinner time. my cat is an excellent hunter so tends to feed himself during the day then home for supper and a nap lucky cat. i find if i cook chicken for the family some of that will keep the cat happy for a couple of portions. i view any pre packaged pet food as a ready meal. you take him off his fast food diet and swap to whatever works for you both be it raw or cooked homemade food and his skin will clear up and his eyes will shine smile he will thank you for the effort!

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