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scratching post dilemma

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littlelime Sat 18-Jan-14 22:08:25

I am moving to a rented property soon and have to pay a £200 deposit for my feline friend. He has a terrible habit of scratching on door frames, so I thought I'd better get him a scratching post. problem is that I don't want to fork out for a new one, so do you think he would use one previously owned by another cat?

mummytobejuly2014 Sun 19-Jan-14 13:45:00

they hate citrus, id get some citrus'y polish to try put him off going near the door frames?

littlelime Sun 19-Jan-14 17:53:03

would that make the house smell or damage to wood?

DramaAlpaca Sun 19-Jan-14 17:57:31

Cats scent mark their scratching posts so I don't think they'd want to use one that had been used by another cat. Our two cats have separate scratching posts and won't use each other's.

Argos have scratching posts for £9.99 so a new one wouldn't break the bank.

littlelime Sun 19-Jan-14 18:01:54

I never thought of argos, thank you for the tip off.

RandomMess Sun 19-Jan-14 18:02:59

Look up zooplus website - some fab deals on there for food and scratching posts!

RandomMess Sun 19-Jan-14 18:03:47

Mine have happily used 2nd hand posts btw. We have one upstairs and one downstairs. Love using the rug as a scratching post too angry

mummytobejuly2014 Sun 19-Jan-14 21:12:42

think you can get mr sheen or pledge or whatever with lemon/orange maybe. only a small amount like when you are dusting to put them off going near the wood? just an idea

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