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beagle weeing in house

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Blueuggboots Fri 17-Jan-14 17:31:41

my OH's beagle is 5. She's a lovely dog and usually reasonably well behaved (for a beagle!!) but has recently started weeing in the house.
She is walked almost daily (most days but not EVERY day) and used to ask to go out to use the garden for her business by tapping the glass in the patio door, which she does still do sometimes.
She is now weeing often (4-5 times a week) on the sitting room carpet.
We moved in 6 months ago (myself and my almost 3 year old) but she has been good as gold with my DS and myself. My DS does kick and punch her occasionally but is disciplined over this and made to apologise to her. He has never done it hard and it has just been over enthusiastic play on his part.
Can anybody shed some light on this? Can anybody suggest how we stop her doing it?

Quoteunquote Fri 17-Jan-14 23:56:00

walk her at least three times a day, and differant walks each time, it will radically improve her confidence. .

get her checked for infections,

and make sure she has a place in the house where she can go, where no one especially children ever disturb her,

and never tell her off for weeing in the house, vicious stress circle.

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