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Degus, does anyone have them?

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IneedAwittierNickname Tue 07-Jan-14 01:59:37

Hi all.

My dc and I (9 and 7) have had many pets over the years, rabbits, rats, guineas, mice and lots of hamsters. The last hammy died in November, and we've decided we want degus. I've wanted them for years.

But the only pet shop here is pets at home, which I've heard lots of people don't like (why is that btw). so we looked at cages online, trouble is, its hard to know what we want when I can't see them/ask staff for advice.
So what cage would you recommend? We want 3 degus.

What is better girls or boys? Or is there no difference?

And where can we buy them, other than pets at home? Or is it ok there really?

Thanks smile

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