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can rabbits or guinea pig eat soup without potatoes?

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smallfurries2014 Thu 02-Jan-14 02:39:11

I have been told by many people a guinea pig and rabbit can eat vegetable soup is this true?

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 02-Jan-14 12:32:52

Why would you want them too? They are designed to chew long fibre like grass or hay.

thezoo Fri 03-Jan-14 12:38:15

NO! its full of salt, sugar and additives
If its home made its no better and neither type will wear down their teeth

They are rodents and their teeth grow constantly so unless they are being worn down by eating hard raw foods or the odd fruit tree branch the teeth will grow either cutting and infecting the mouth or if you don't notice its happening they will slowly starve to death being unable to eat

In the case of them losing their teeth feed veg puree or pellets softened with water their teeth will grow back soon enough they will have diarrhea though (veg baby food in a real pinch but still not any good for them)
One of my Guinea's from childhood was dropped and snapped both upper and lower teeth off he was fed on mushed carrot pea's and pellets mixed together for a week max till his teeth grew back enough to eat normally again

If you've run out of food for them for the day your best off going for a wander and picking grass or seeing if a neighbor has a spare carrot but please please please don't feed them soup

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