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weird but lovable things cats do....

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gigglestar Mon 18-Nov-13 22:15:24

I have two cats,Momma-cat is a tortie and been with me 2 yrs,her pfb son is 7 months-mainly white with black patches and a harry-potter stylee white lightning marking on his back. They are just simply beautiful and i love them to bits.

But....they follow me EVERYWHERE...into each room everytime i go. I go to use the bathroom and they will whine n scratch at the door to be let in...then just sit there watching me using the loo/having a shower. If i'm sat reading or watching a movie,sometimes they just sit there quietly just looking at me very intently-weirdos!

They love play fighting n chasing each other throughout the tiny flat,have me in stitches when they go skidding along the hardwood floor grin

They also like jumping up at imaginary things on the wall,eating boiled veg,wtealing food off my plate soon as my back's turned-dspite having just been fed.

If i go away for the weekend i always leave them plenty of food n water-way more then they would normally have if i were home for thowe two days....yet each time i come back to find every last bit of water n dry food GONE! Think they're trying to guilt trip me!

Momma cats very first-and only-gift for me was a magpie she killed and brought back for me-headless! Neighbour saw her stalk n kill the poor thing.

Love their headbutts n nose rubbing that i get lots of....though not so much the way my legs get used as an exercise barre for them to do their stretches on!

My beautiful babies...they give me soooo much love smile

Rockinhippy Tue 19-Nov-13 00:41:01

I have 2 both rescue cats, one a sweet but aloof little black girl who dotes on DH & will sit giving me the evils if I ever dare tell him off for anythinghmm she came to us as a 1yr old who had it seemed just outgrown kitten hood so was no longer so cute, she cowered a lot with me, though never DH so I suspect as did the cattery that she may have been hit by a woman sad but I won her over in the end, she's epileptic & pre having a fit she feels ill & it's me she clings to,for a few days, so we know to get the towels ready smile

The funny thing she does is. That she came with her favourite toy - a beanie baby ginger kitten - we sometimes shut them out of our bedroom as they can play fight in the night & wake us up - she leaves us her kitten right by the door so we see it when we open it - she also leaves it in DHs boots smile

Our other cat we got as she was so aloof with me & DD & we missed our soppy old girl who had died - he was a kitten who attached himself to my DD when she got a special behind the scenes tour at a rescue cattery for fund raising for them - turned out he shared DDs birthday too & the poor might had been abandoned by his mum when born, he was hand fed from birth & reintroduced at a few weeks old, she fed him but didn't really bond with him sad - DD fell instantly in love & we picked him up a few weeks later when he was old enough

He is grey with white paws, throat etc & is the biggest soppiest thing you will ever meet & has to sit on both DD& I together - stretches between us & pulls us tother with his paws if we are sat too far apart smile

gigglestar Thu 21-Nov-13 19:54:04

Awwww! The thing with the beanie kitten is sooooo cute....seems she wants to be close to you or in your thoughts even when she's physically not near! Lol! The pulling together with paws thing is so lovely-unless the claws dig in!

I've decided to grow catnip. Think my moggies will LOVE rolling about in that grin

It's funny wstching them play fight. Son will actually SIT on momma-cats face! He thinks he's tough until he gets a hard whack off mum-then you hear a complaining mew and he stands back shocked lol!

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