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Leporad Gecko

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teenagetantrums Wed 18-Sep-13 13:33:49

Does anyone have any experience of these? my DD16 has decided she would like one, I am not averse to the idea in principal, apart from the fact that I feel sorry for creatures living alone without friends. smile but need to know how hard they are to look after, I just know it will end up being my responsibility as they live for years and I cant see her taking it to Uni. I really don't want live insects in my house, can the eat the dead ones? Also am cornered about heat, she says they just need a heat mat, but will it need a light? Not sure about this at all but said I would think about it. Also I keep trying to remind myself of the hamster she really wanted that now lives in the brothers room and she could care less about. I have left it at the moment that if she keeps her room clean for 3 months and buys the stuff it needs out of her own money I will think about it.

Mogz Wed 18-Sep-13 16:47:06

I suggest you get over to rfuk, a great forum where you'll find loads of knowledgable keepers and care sheets.
You'll have to get over your dislike of live insects though, you have to feed them live food. But I promise it's not so yucky.

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