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Cats kidney failure

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Christmasberry Mon 05-Aug-13 20:20:28

Hi, I have a 17 year old cat, she was diagnosed with kidney failure in may, the vets tried fluids via a drip and tablets but her they didn't help and she got worse, the vets implied she would only have a couple of weeks left but four months on she is still here. smile

I took her for a check up last week and asked the vet how long she thought she would have, the vet didn't know but said I would know when it's her time as she would go off her legs. Anyway this week she seems to have gone slightly downhill, sitting in corners and smells dreadful, not just from her mouth but from her whole body, she is still eating and weeing (everywhere) I'm so worried, we are on holiday later this week and have a friend coming in a couple of times a day to feed etc.

Does anyone have any advice do you think these new symptoms are a sign the end is in sight?

Boardiegirl Mon 05-Aug-13 22:13:14

Oh dear yes im aftaid i do sad
I had a similar situation but was not aware of what the problem was and thought it was cat flu. After just two days she began to refuse food and drink, even treats. She found a towel to lay on and didnt move. We took her to the vet and he immediately diagnosed advanced kidney failure. He gave no choice but to euthanise her as she was suffering.
None of us wants our precious pet to leave us but it sounds as though its time for you to remind yourselves that she has lost her quality of life and its kinder to let go...

I feel your pain.

marissab Sun 18-Aug-13 17:13:28

I'm so sorry. I agree with the above poster. My 10 yo rescue cat was only with me a year before kidney failure. I left him too long and should have had him put down sooner but kept putting it off coz i loved him. I regret it now as he was miserable. This is gonna sound harsh but i couldn't leave her like that and go on holiday personally. I would have to deal with it before i left. Not really fair to put your friend in that position of feeding her either incase the cat worsens. Very sad sad

johnomad Sun 25-Aug-13 22:48:06

Hi I have just lost my third cat in 9 months to liver failure the last being Saturday night. He stopped eating two days ago and went down hill very quickly.He just lay there looking into space was losing balance when walking it's no life for them this way. It hurts but you have to do what's best for them. Holdthem talk to them tell them you love them and will miss them and then let them go. It hurts but do not let them suffer. I stayed with mine talking to them and holding them till they went. Gone but not forgotten.

MrsPeeWee Thu 12-Sep-13 08:27:34

I agree with Marisabb - I think I would deal with everything before you go on holiday, as I am guessing it would be quite awful for your friend to pop round when shes passed. sad sad times. xx

wokeupwithasmile Thu 12-Sep-13 11:14:05

Please don't let your cat die alone while you are on holiday. It is not fair on your friend but most of all what if s/he is not there when it happens? Please bring your cat to the vet asap.

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