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Nervous about getting our new puppy next week (will be 6.5 weeks old)

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PeggyDrak46 Fri 28-Jun-13 15:04:12

Hello everyone, I was reading other peoples concerns on this site and thought I'd join. I am a single parent, with 2 kiddies who are 6 & 12 yrs old. My 12 yr old daughter has been begging for a dog for years. They both went through a fair bit of sadness when their parents split 3 years ago. I finally feel ready to add another member (baby) to the family and give the kids some joy as well. I run a fairly tight ship, so have explained to both kids that there are rules that will have to be followed if we all want to be happy. I live in Athens (in an apartment) and intend on keeping her in a cordoned off area on the balcony until she's toilet trained and somewhat house-broken. Of course I've also bought a crate and have taken it to the breeders who report she's already sleeping in it. (in the hope of minimising her crying when we bring her to her new home). Am I too optimistic? I've read up a fair bit but admit, I am nervous.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Fri 28-Jun-13 15:05:43

6.5 weeks is a bit young to be away from it's mother, 8 weeks would be better.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Fri 28-Jun-13 15:08:17

More specialised help here.

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