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Waiting to hear if the dogs been put down.

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nutcracker Thu 01-Jun-06 20:48:47

My dad took the dog to the vets eearlier.
She hasn't been eating hardley at all lately, even stuff she really liked and she had been sick a couple of times today.

She is old about 16 and deaf, plus has arthritis in her legs.

Am waiting for my dad to ring me. My brother said he has come home without her but went straight over to the neighbours house so he doesn't know one way or the other.

Can't believe I am upset about a dog, but we had her after my mum left as she'd never allowed us a dog and she is such a lovely dog, so gentle. She used to lie under my chair whilst i ate my breakfast before school, waiting for the corners of me peices of toast.

nutcracker Thu 01-Jun-06 20:49:55

my not me

charliecat Thu 01-Jun-06 20:50:30

awww nutty Sounds like she has had a good life and has been well loved...xxxxxxx
If she has been put to sleep it will have been for the best xxxx

JanH Thu 01-Jun-06 20:51:10


It's not going to be good news anyway at 16, is it?

Nice memory about the toast though

nutcracker Thu 01-Jun-06 20:51:42

Yeah I know, and i will be glad for her thats she's not in pain.

Wish he'd bloody ring me, he must know I am waiting to hear.

ComeOVeneer Thu 01-Jun-06 20:52:18

So sorry to hear this, nutcracker. I have never had to face this dilemma as we moved around so much we always had to give our pets away rather than watch them grow old - sad in itself but at least we knew they were still alive. DH has had to go with his mum a couple of times in past years to the vet with their elderly dogs when the time has come.

The one thing he always said when he returned was at least for animals we have the choice to assist them out of their pain/ misery etc.

expatinscotland Thu 01-Jun-06 20:53:24

i'm so sorry, nutty! is there anyway you can be there to support your dad if she has to be put down, nutty? or sometimes it's just too hard to face.

my sister found a box of puppies by the side of the road. she took them to work and then took one home.

he became like family.

it was really sad when he had a stroke and had to be put down.

wishing you peace.

JanH Thu 01-Jun-06 20:54:09

Oh God yes, COV, that's what I always think about euthanasia - "you wouldn't let an animal suffer like this".

nutcracker Thu 01-Jun-06 20:56:42

Well I can't go over to my dads unfortunatly, as Ds is in bed and noone to mind him, but i will speak to him on the phone and will be seeing him at the weekend.

I have already warned my dd's that she was poorly and what might happen. I explained how they'd put her gently to sleep, to which Dd2 said very loudly 'oh so she'll be dead then you mean', kids eh.

nutcracker Thu 01-Jun-06 21:25:15

She's gone.

ComeOVeneer Thu 01-Jun-06 21:28:25

So sorry to hear that, but at least she's no longer suffering. Are you OK? And how is your dad?

nutcracker Thu 01-Jun-06 21:32:09

I am ok, crying buckets but ok. My dad is upset but like me he is glad she isn't in pain anymore.

It will just be so strange without her.

Dd1 will be so upset cos the dog loved her.

spursmum Thu 01-Jun-06 21:33:44

Bless you Nutty. I'm just as bad when it come to any of my pets. They are part of the family and love you just as much. Its normal to grieve.

JanH Thu 01-Jun-06 21:35:51

Aw, nutty. Hugs for you and the kids. XXX

Securlurking Thu 01-Jun-06 21:37:23

Oh Nutty, I am so sorry - this situation speaks straight to me, We recently lost our elserly dog - we had only had her 18 months and always knew she wouldn't be with us for long.

I can't begin to imagine what you are going through with such a long history.

Thinking of you SLxx

nutcracker Thu 01-Jun-06 21:55:33

Thanks all.

Will be so strange on sunday when we go and she's not there to knock the kids over.

She had a good life, she was spoilt rotten. My dad used to take her for a walk and when they got to the off licence she'd get so excited cos she knew she was going to get a Twix LOL

She was such a timid thing when we got her from the dogs home and I'm glad she had a nice life with us all.

WishICouldGiveUpWork Fri 02-Jun-06 22:27:30

Oh Nutty but what a great life she had and what great memories you all have.

As hard as it is fo rus,I firmly believe that itis the kindest thing we can do for our pets...

saltire Sat 03-Jun-06 20:25:12

Feel for you, we may have to make a similar decision about our old dog soon, we've had her 12 years and she was 3 when we got her, but we were never sure if she was just turned 3, or almost 4. She has had arthritis now for a long time and the past few weeks i've had to have her sleeping in the kitchen as she had been peeing (not every day) and she is so stiff at getting up, that when she pees at night she just lies in it!
She was at the vets last month and she said that for her age the dog is great, she eats well, drinks well and still goes for a walk, although she only gets 5 5minute walks a day.
Sorry for hijacking your thread nutcracker, was feeling a bit sad when i read your post and it got me thinking about our dog

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