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How dog friendly is Bournemouth?

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nothercules Wed 31-May-06 17:16:55

Thinking of going tomorrow with kids and dog. Are dogs allowed on the beaches? Would there be a place for me to park, tie him to the car and have a picnic?

FlameBoo Wed 31-May-06 17:18:45

It really depends on which bit of beach you head for. I think that fishermans walk is ok, but can't be sure (will have to look at a map to work out which end that is ).

nothercules Wed 31-May-06 17:19:38


Surfermum Wed 31-May-06 17:27:38

Flame's right, dogs are allowed on the beach at Fisherman's Walk down to Southbourne and then there are restrictions again. They aren't allowed on the beach in the other areas between 1st May and 30th Sept, but they are allowed on the prom on a lead.

You could go to Boscombe where there's a car park just above the beach, take the dog onto the prom and tie him to the railings, then picnic on the beach just by him.

nothercules Wed 31-May-06 17:30:59

Thanks. I have to keep him with me as he is very large and would scare passerbys. Can I picnic on Fishermans walk?

What about walking around away from the beach?

Surfermum Wed 31-May-06 17:35:12

Yes, it's a huge long beach with a promenade behind it. You would be able to walk either way on the prom with him. There are signs up on the prom to tell you where you can and can't go with him, or if you ask in the Beach Office or one of the lifeguard huts they will be able to give you a leaflet.

nothercules Wed 31-May-06 17:38:08


Surfermum Wed 31-May-06 17:42:25

Have a lovely time. I'm as I have to work tomorrow, but I gather the weather is improving so I shall be down there Saturday and Sunday. I'm going to make the most of it as it'll be Autumn before we know it!!

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