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Phantom pregnancy after being spayed

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FreddoBaggyMac Thu 06-Jun-13 20:02:01

Our labrador cross (11 months) was spayed on Monday, 3 months after going into season for the first time.

We took her back to the RSPCA animal hospital today and they said that she has a slight temperature and is going through a phantom pregnancy (which they said is unusual after being spayed). They've given us metacam (which I think is a pain killer) to give her daily and a prescription for Galastop which they said we could get from a vet or online.

She's not too bad in herself, just a bit quiet, although she has snapped at the DCs a couple of times which she wouldn't normally do... I think wearing the lampshade collar is getting her down more than anything!

My question is is it necessary to give her the Galastop? I've heard it can have nasty side effects. I think she's producing a small amount of milk and the vet said that might cause mastitis (???) Very grateful for any advice x

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