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Two huge rabbits - exercise?

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southeastastra Thu 25-May-06 19:47:31

I have two huge female rabbits. They are getting a bit fat and need to exercise. I only have time to let them out a few times a week and they fight so have to keep them apart.

Are there any rabbit experts out there who know what I can do, I can't leave them in a pen as we have cats and foxes, and have a really small garden.

They were tiny when I got them but they have grown! We ve had a few rabbits, but these seem to be much bigger than any of the others.

MrsLee Tue 30-May-06 14:05:34


I have 5 rabbits, one is a continental giant (2ft long 2 stone heavy) try getting or building a safe run for them, we have foxs and cats around but they are very safe in a run.. can usualy buy them from most pet stores or in the local paper. otherwise you could let them have a run about the house while your home? just make sure you have all your wires out of reach as they love to chew through them and can hurt themselves if its a live wire.. i cant remember how many phone wires iv had to get lol

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