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Neighbour has kind of offered me her bearded dragon, what do I need to know?

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sweetkitty Mon 20-May-13 22:00:53

So tonight having chat with neighbour and she mentions that last times he was on holiday other neighbour was feeding bearded dragon and hated it, my 7yo DD2 went in to help out as she loves bearded dragons.

So neighbour said her hubby has said that it would be better off in a home with someone who was enthusiastic about it. Her DS is now 28, in the army so very rarely home, they tend to it but don't give it attention.

My DD2 is reptile mad, her room is full of toy dinos and snakes, I have previously told her she can have one when she's 10. I really don't think it would be forgotten about and left to me sort of thing, she is animal mad and I do think she would help look after it.

I'm up for it DP is a bit more wary and wants to know more.

So are we mad first time reptile owners?

hiddenhome Mon 20-May-13 22:59:55

Bearded dragons make excellent pets and are easily handled. We wanted one but we don't have enough room for the vivarium. There's plenty of info about their care on the net. Go to YouTube and search for 'bearded dragon playing any crusher' grin

Food wise they eat fruit and veg and small sources of protein such as crickets and mealworms. They need extra calcium, a heat source and light.

PassTheBaileys Sun 26-May-13 20:13:06

they make amazing pets, I rehomed 3 grin has a lot of info they also do free live food delivery wink

SisterMatic Sun 26-May-13 20:19:02

I have a big male BD.

He is very friendly, never bitten. He is 3 years old. He was very small when we got him...he certainly isn't now. grin

Beware of escapee crickets.. that was my only gripe with him..that and they can get a little smelly
but no smellier than furry pets.

SisterMatic Sun 26-May-13 20:21:12

You can get special cricket keepers, its just that was an early teething problem when we first got him. I will try and upload a picture.

LalyRawr Sun 26-May-13 20:22:27

I had my BD for 8 years. We got him when he was about 2inches long, he over 2 foot when he died!

We contacted a local reptile group in our area and they were brilliant. Gave us loads of advice, came round and inspected our tank (you'll need a heat mat, a uv strip and a heat bulb) and then sourced him for us.

The thing I disliked most were the locust (especially when they escape and take refuge in your dressing gown <shudders>) and feeding him the little pinkie mice.

But he was lovely. Would happily be handled, used to sit on me no problem and was a gorgeous gorgeous creature.

I miss my Freddie sad

sweetkitty Wed 05-Feb-14 21:47:04

Just found this thread again, neighbour has never mentioned the bearded dragon again hmm luckily I never mentioned it to DD2.

DD2 has been going on and on about getting a bearded dragon for about 3 years, she's 8 now and reptile mad. We have promised her a bearded dragon in the summer (and also as a bribe for wearing a dress to her communion but that's another thread)

So Beardie owners where's the best place to start getting info about what we need? PAH sell a vivarium and starter kit for £240 and the beardies themselves for £50 which sicks huge outlay and PAH tend to be expensive anyway. Is there a way I can contact a breeder? Want to get the right set up for the wee guy grin

Wearegoingtobedlehem Sat 29-Mar-14 01:55:22

I think you would be best to find a local reptile specialist shop- roughly where in the uk are you an case someone can recommend one?

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