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our cat came back after two months!

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LilacBump Mon 22-May-06 11:44:20

he was sat by the front door this morning. we are over the moon to have him back! he looks bit dirty and thinner, but apart from that he's fine. he was quite hungry and has been sleeping lots. just wonder where on earth he's been all this time!!!

charliecat Mon 22-May-06 11:45:19

Want fab news

charliecat Mon 22-May-06 11:45:34

What.. Fab News.

biglips Mon 22-May-06 12:02:32

wow - its amazing that some cats do come back home - must wanted "time out!"

PinkKerPlink Mon 22-May-06 12:03:18


2Happy Mon 22-May-06 12:27:03

Aw that's great for you LilacBump. One of ours disappeared for 3 weeks when ds was born . Then he came home and started catching beasties again... Has he ever done it before?

LilacBump Mon 22-May-06 12:35:43

he'd never done it before. he's always been a lazy cat and stayed in all day, went out for the night.
DD was getting more and more upset about him being gone, so we're so glad he's turned up again.

2Happy Mon 22-May-06 12:39:11

So distressing for you and dd. Really pleased he came back. Ours went at the time of year when they're rearing pheasants so we think he may have been sat watching the pens and only came back when the pheasants were released. We're lucky the gamekeeper didn't shoot him! Is that sort of thing a possibility (or are you in a city, where there really aren't many pheasants lol!)

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