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DD2 just been bitten by rabbit :(

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snowyowl70 Mon 06-May-13 10:29:49

We have had our baby rabbit for about 6 weeks now - she lived inside for few weeks as it was so cold at night. She was a delight but since she's been moved into her hutch she tries to head butt your hand when you put it in the hutch, she scratches you but launching at you with two front paws and then has bitten my 8 year old . DD2 is distraught as she has looked after her bunny well, spent lots of time with it and she is put out in her run daily so gets plenty of exercise . We wanted a pet she could look after herself (with help of course) but she is now terrified of her beloved bunny - any suggestions please ? We d

snowyowl70 Mon 06-May-13 10:31:39

We don't know sex of bunny yet as only have the one so didn't seem to matter knowing the sex and not had trip to vet as yet to confirm it !

Lozislovely Mon 06-May-13 19:18:05

Unfortunately most rabbits are like this sad we have 2 that are just happy to be left alone and petted now again.

It does sound like she's protecting her territory so your daughter needs to take it nice and slowly when approaching her. A 'gift' of carrot or broccoli often helps to get bun close to you. Once bun takes the gift, pet her gently and build up her confidence.

We did have a bun that absolutely loved being picked up, slept on DS chest and was more human than rabbit! I think we got lucky as the two we have now are nothing like it.

Lonecatwithkitten Tue 07-May-13 08:01:25

When rabbits get to this kind of age they can become aggressive mauling them not the best pets for children. Getting a good pair of gardening gloves to handle your bunny to prevent you getting scratched or bitten is a worthwhile investment.
You say you haven't been to the vet yet, I would suggest going soon as the biting insect season has started and they are responsible for passing on Myxo and RHD both of which are usually fatal if not vaccinated against. Rabbits do not need contact with wild rabbits to catch these diseases.

hiddenhome Fri 10-May-13 18:31:12

Rabbits actually make pretty poor pets, especially for children. They look cute, but are very nervous and the females especially can be vicious. Guinea pigs are a better bet. Could you get this rabbit rehomed at all?

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