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Help - Rabbit is very feisty..........

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Xroads Mon 29-Apr-13 13:58:23

We got 2 girl rabbits in August last year they were 10 weeks old, at first the cream one was the dominant one but after the first few weeks the black one took over that role and has done ever since.

For the past few months the black one doesn't like being handled (cream one is very very timid and has never liked being handled) and will scratch when she jumps out of your arms now if you even try to stroke her back she whips her head round and has nipped me a couple of times, I'm worried she will hurt my dd's.

How can I help her to calm down?

ValenciaOrange Tue 30-Apr-13 09:07:25

Have your rabbits been spayed. Female rabbits can be very territorial and protective, Spaying often calms them down and also protects them against uterine cancer.

Lozislovely Tue 30-Apr-13 21:52:48

I have two buns like this and tbh I think if its in their nature you may be hard pressed to change it. Flopsy has always been a feisty bun despite being neutured. She's ok with being stroked but hates being picked up.

Our previous bun was the total opposite and loved sleeping on laps, cuddles and grooming.

The more handling you do at a young age can go some way to helping but ultimately it's a case of respecting what bun wants without putting her under too much stress.

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