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I know I'm being ridiculously sentimental over a hamster

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smeeeheee Fri 19-Apr-13 03:53:23

I know this is stupid, but I'm pretty sure my hamster is dying and I can't stop crying about it. In my defense, am 38 weeks pregnant, which may have something to do with it. Me and my husband got her as a rescue pet when we moved to our house (our first proper house together) before we got married and we've looked after her ever since (about a year and a half). She's the first pet I've had, didn't have any as a kid (apart from some goldfish, which are still going strong). She's a pretty sweet wee thing and it's just nice to have something to look after. She's very placid and inquisitive, never bites or squeaks or anything. I tried to get her out of her cage this evening, I noticed she wasn't up (she's usually up at night), and tried to get her, but she wouldn't move. She had really bad diarrhea, and wouldn't open her eyes . When she did wake up, she just tried to walk a few steps and then wobbled and fell over. Then DH took her out and held her, her breathing was really shallow, and then I took her and she had a seizure or something. I gave her back to DH and she was squeaking really loudly in pain. We held her and stroked her for a bit longer, then we've put her back in her cage with fresh sawdust and moved her up to our room, so she's not alone (I know how ridiculous this is), but she was hardly breathing at all when we put her in her bed, and I think she's dead.
Can't stop crying, it's totally ridiculous, I just don't like thinking of her being frightened or in pain. Just feel so sad about the wee mite.

gerbilsarefun Fri 19-Apr-13 23:04:14

I know they are only little furry things, but you do get attached and you're not stupid. It's no different to having a dog or cat die. We are now on our 2nd gerbil and were heartbroken when our first died last year. My only comfort was that he lived a long (for a gerbil) happy life, was well looked after and a little bit spoiled . RIP little hamster. sad.

MacaYoniAndCheese Fri 19-Apr-13 23:11:22

Aww...I totally understand. We have a 1.5 year old hamster too...he's starting to become infirm; doesn't run on his wheel as much as he used to, needs help climbing on top of his house. He's such a dear little thing;it's horrid to think about them suffering but I'm sure he's had a good life smile.

gymboywalton Fri 19-Apr-13 23:12:31

could you not have taken her to the vet?

JumpingJackSprat Fri 19-Apr-13 23:13:22

Oh poor hammy sad theyre loveable little things ive been devastated every time i lost a little furry pet.

smeeeheee Sat 20-Apr-13 03:24:48

Thanks everyone, she did have a very good (and slightly pampered!) life, not to mention a palatial cage with more rooms than my house! No gymboy, I "could not have taken her to the vet", it was nearly 2 in the morning we saw she was sick, and she died this morning at about 8. Plus, realistically, she was a hamster and the vet would most likely have just put her to sleep. We made her as comfy as we could, gave her some water, and made sure she wasn't alone, which was really all we could do for her. If she had still been suffering and in pain this morning, I would have taken her to the vet.

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