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Would a fox attack (heaven forbid, eat) a cat?

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DumbledoresGirl Wed 26-Apr-06 20:34:43

Dh and I have just seen an enormous fox in our garden - a real whopper size-wise. My concern is for our two cats who are only 10 months old and often spend the night outside, certainly all evening. Are they in danger from the fox or would a fox not attack cats?

Thomcat Wed 26-Apr-06 20:36:04

Never heard of it happening before.

DumbledoresGirl Wed 26-Apr-06 20:36:58

Me neither but he was a monster and one of our cats is very small.

macwoozy Wed 26-Apr-06 20:37:16

I don't know about cats, but I watched my little yorkshire terrier being chased down the road by a fox, the fox never caught up but I hate to think what he would have done if it had.

starlover Wed 26-Apr-06 20:37:36

I wouldn't think so... foxes tend to go for smaller animals... plus cats are pretty good at getting away!

SoupDragon Wed 26-Apr-06 20:38:22

Unfortunately yes. Happened to a neighbour's cat when I lived at home.

Generally speaking it's not a problem as they are roughly the same size. My neighbours cat was small though.

MrsStrutsHerStuff Wed 26-Apr-06 20:38:29

not sure but they attack rabbits and chickens and lambs so my first thought is yes a fox would attack a cat if it was near it, but sure someone will be here to tell you for definite

CHICagoMUM Wed 26-Apr-06 20:38:45

Sorry to say but yes it can happen. The place where we lived before here had foxes around and 2 of my neighbours lost their cats to fox attacks (neither of them where eaten though).

Thomcat Wed 26-Apr-06 20:38:45

Ahhhh bless your teeny tiny cat
I'm sure he'll be fine hon. x

My cat is really getting on my nerves so perhaps I'll send him round to your as bait and see what happens

NotAnOtter Wed 26-Apr-06 20:39:09

my dp is a vet..he says yes possibly ...he has treated a yorkshire terrier who was attacked by one

Thomcat Wed 26-Apr-06 20:39:33

oh, people were busy while I was typing my last post.
ohhh, sorry mate.

Bugsy2 Wed 26-Apr-06 20:40:04

A fox could definitely attack a cat, but foxes can't climb fences & trees like cats can - so unlikely that the fox would have much success.

MrsStrutsHerStuff Wed 26-Apr-06 20:40:13

also my aunts whole flock of geese were wiped out by a single fox, and my aunts geese were pretty good at protecting her farm

foxinsocks Wed 26-Apr-06 20:40:14

yes - the fox didn't actually eat the whole cat but he took a bite out of it

CHICagoMUM Wed 26-Apr-06 20:40:54

That doesn't mean to say it will happen though. Feel bad

CHICagoMUM Wed 26-Apr-06 20:40:55

That doesn't mean to say it will happen though. Feel bad

CHICagoMUM Wed 26-Apr-06 20:40:59

That doesn't mean to say it will happen though. Feel bad

NotAnOtter Wed 26-Apr-06 20:40:59

good thinking bugsy!

CHICagoMUM Wed 26-Apr-06 20:41:03

That doesn't mean to say it will happen though. Feel bad

CHICagoMUM Wed 26-Apr-06 20:41:13

That doesn't mean to say it will happen though. Feel bad now that I have worried/upset you.

NotAnOtter Wed 26-Apr-06 20:41:48

alright alright!

MrsStrutsHerStuff Wed 26-Apr-06 20:42:06

thing is with foxes they will attack and kill for no good reason, they go for the throat

CHICagoMUM Wed 26-Apr-06 20:42:23

Sorry, no idea what happened there .

DumbledoresGirl Wed 26-Apr-06 20:42:32

OMG! We do usually get them in before going up to bed at night but sometimes they just don't come when called and as they have got older, I have become less bothered about them being in. (No cat flap yet). But now I am going to have to get strict again aren't I?

There was no way this fox was about the same size as any cat I have seen. It was at least mdeium dog sized.

gigglinggoblin Wed 26-Apr-06 20:43:06

my cat tried to scare a fox out of our garden when she was about 3 months old. she was a tiny weeny thing then. fox didnt even think she was worth sniffing, carried on munching the cat food i had put out for it

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