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at wits end with springer - advice needed

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mk39 Thu 27-Dec-12 14:24:14

I bought my 10 year old son a springer spaniel for his birthday four months ago. He's a pedigree and is now 10 months old. He is the most adorable dog i've ever met, very placid and has never once growled when being "cuddled".

He was house trained when we got him and knew basic commands but since moving house a month ago, he's changed. He won't do a thing he's told and constantly barks (but only when im in the house).

We also have a year old cat and he constantly tries to get at him. We have to keep them completely separate 24 hours a day. Cat is petrified of him.

We don't want to find him a new home unless absolutely necessary as we adore him.

Any advice?

TwoFacedCows Fri 28-Dec-12 22:12:41

OP, you can borrow my bastard psycho dog beating cat if you like?!

The first time my dog and cat met, my cat was munching on one of my other dogs giant knuckle bone things. new dog went over to cat and started growing at him. Cat stopped eating the knuckle bone, turned round and swiped the dog across the chops. He has never ever bothered the cat again wont even walk past him!

mk39 Fri 28-Dec-12 22:53:26

Countrykitten - i should have done my research i know but my mum had just passed away and my son haf always wanted one so i guess it was comfort for us both.

Its my fault really. Ive spoiled him by letting him on my bed, on the sofa, even though people told me not to. I thought he'd pine for his old owner but he
never did, it was as if he'd always been with us. I look at him cuddled up to me and i love him to bits, he always makes me laugh, he's a nutter. Couldn't stand to lose him and my son adores him.

I guess i just couldnt understand why his behaviour had changed all of a sudden. He's had three homes in 10 months so maybe he's unsettled.

SrirachaGirl - whats a quail dummy and i know what u mean. Where i go, he goes

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