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PerfectlyChaotic Mon 01-Oct-12 17:41:07


I think my 10 yr old cat has fleas...I haven't actually seen any but she is scratching a little and to my horror earlier today I noticed lots of dark 'bits' of debris where she's been sleeping.

So I'm in a complete panic about this - aware I'm possibly overreacting but having over-googled I came across some info that suggested that fleas can cause tapeworm! Is there a risk to my children (5 & 2) too? I can't bear the thought.

Obviously I'm treating the cats with decent flea stuff, do I automatically need to do the house as well? I can't think about anything else - have become obsessed and wishing there was some way I could put the entire house in the washing machine sad

sleepymum50 Mon 01-Oct-12 20:22:29

My opinion: don't worry. I have lived with cats all my life and they can sometimes pick up fleas on a very temporary basis.

Just keep checking your cat for fleas, I think combing is the best - I don't like the idea of lots of chemicals (esp if its old). Wash or vacuum anything that the cat regularly sleeps on. That should really see the end of it.

If it gets really bad you can buy a spray for carpets etc - but more chemicals?

I have never heard of a tapeworm connection.

PerfectlyChaotic Mon 01-Oct-12 20:39:17

Thanks for you calm response - I do tend to fly into an immediate panic about these things...just HATE the idea of creepy crawlies in my house!

Just inspected her bedding again and found some wiggly black things (beurghh sad) amongst some black debris - does that sound like it might be flea larvae? It's so horrid. Now panicking that it's something else entirely?! Def NOT a worm though as I believe they're all white.

These things are sent to try us sigh

imawigglyworm Wed 03-Oct-12 10:05:59

If it's fleas you should treat your cat and the house as they can breed amazingly quick. Indorex is great you can get it from amazon. Make sure you spray your carpet & where your cat sleeps and do all cracks, skirting boards and under carpets if you can. Also get a treatment from your vet not from a pet shop as they are more effective. If you have your heating on this will encourage their breeding.
You can just get a flea collar or research some more natural treatments, some people say talc powder works for treating the house but I guess it's messy. You can get the comb things that zap the fleas (sorry not sure what they're called).
I'm certain the flea treatments won't be harmful to your cat, we treated out 18yr old cat and she was fine. But give your vets a call and they will advise you. But definitely do both cat and house if you decide to treat them. X

imawigglyworm Wed 03-Oct-12 10:08:27

And yeah the fleas carry/ingest the worms eggs so when your cat licks and swallows the fleas they will also ingest the worm eggs so treat for worms too.
I think advocate from the vets treats fleas and worms.
Good luck, I hate fleas, they creep me out too.

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