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Problem with budgie's bottom

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slipperandpjsmum Sun 19-Aug-12 19:17:23

We have recently got a budgie, however, each day he gets a build up of pooh which sticks to his bottom. It stays there until we clean him. I had budgies as a child and have never known this before. Can anyone help with an idea of what the problem is?

muddyjumpers Sun 19-Aug-12 19:30:51

Hi I have a parrot.

According to my parrot book a dirty vent (bottom), can mean diarrhoea or kidney problems. I would take it to the vet if no better by tomorrow.

Is he/she eating and drinking well? Are you offering fresh fruit & veg. ( not just seed)? Egg food? Sprouted seeds?

Go on the forum parrotlinks or parrot-link they are great people there with all the info. you could ever need.grin

Sorry, can't be of more help.

i hope you get it sorted. smile

slipperandpjsmum Sun 19-Aug-12 19:51:00

Thanks. He is very well in himself apart from this. I am keeping my fingers crossed its nothing serious as he is a lovely little fellow.

muddyjumpers Sun 19-Aug-12 20:21:48

I'm glad he's okay otherwise. smile

Did you have a look at the parrot forums?

I love budgies too. grin Spangled are my fav. So cute.

Instead of a noisy toy throwing parrot, shouting at the moment because DD has not given him his supper yet. ( small size rich tea biscuit!) Then at 9pm he will moan for us to cover him up as he wants to go to bed!

He's worst than a toddler/DC. grin

muddyjumpers Mon 20-Aug-12 19:48:16

How's the little fellow doing today?

nankypeevy Tue 21-Aug-12 22:58:23

We've got budgies - and, two of them also have a bit of poo sticking issue. I think it's just their feathers are longer than the other two - the vent itself is clean and they are happy and eat loads of greens.

I remember reading somewhere that some budgies need to have their feathers trimmed to help fertilise eggs - guess all sorts of ick can get gunged up in there.

You know what I find odd with our poo-bum-birds? They will not go in the bird bath. I've tried stuffing it with leaves, warm water, room temp water, floating millet/apple/balls in it, covering it, lighting it....nothing will tempt them in. I've sprayed them with a mister - all they do is move out the way. I thought budgies were supposed to love a wee bath? Filthy beggars.

Anyway, if you want a bird bath to see if that helps....

slipperandpjsmum Wed 22-Aug-12 15:39:06

muddy he is fine in himself and getting more and more friendly by the day.

Thanks for that nanky that makes me feel a bit better. How many budgies do you have? Is it ok to keep a budgie alone or are they better kept in pairs?

nankypeevy Wed 22-Aug-12 16:55:06

We've got four - we went for three, but the breeder said that mixed sex groups of odd numbers would fight.

It is ok to keep one, as long as you spend time with it. They are sociable, flock birds, so if you become it's flock it will love you forevah.

Pairs or more will never be as tame as a singleton, and certainly will never talk. But, ours are perch trained and happy to sit on a finger if it's brandishing a dandelion leaf or millet. They live in a giant cage in the living room - though, I think next year we're going to build and aviary and keep quails in the bottom and breed them...

well, it'll be better than me having another baby - baby budgies, too cute.

Anyhoo, slipper -if the stuck on poo is sort of solid and not green and runny with sore skin round it's vent, and the budgie is happy and eating and active - then I'd figure it was probalby just a fluffy one. Try a budgie bath or misting him with water and see if that encourages some proper preening.

In fact, I might try that method on my sons who often also have poo ishooos.

muddyjumpers Wed 22-Aug-12 18:55:53

So glad the little fellow is doing great. grin

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