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How much would you pay a cat sitter?

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sunflowerandcress Tue 13-Sep-11 20:32:47

I'm hiring a teenager who lives nearby to feed my cats while I'm away this weekend. But how much to pay???? confused

MrsVoltar Wed 14-Sep-11 11:58:44

I have paid about £5 a day in the past, but have increased if it seems a bit stingy, to make it worth their while.

sunflowerandcress Wed 14-Sep-11 13:56:08

Thanks - maybe I'll go £6

ColdSancerre Wed 14-Sep-11 13:59:33

A professional cat sitter near me charges £5 a visit if that helps. So i would book two visits a day at £10. But she has insurance etc obviously.

EightiesChick Wed 14-Sep-11 14:01:39

I'd compare with cattery prices near you. You'd have to pay that otherwise and you have the advantage of someone coming in who can switch lights on, collect post etc and also the cats are in their own familiar environment and have someone to fuss them - this is what my cat/house sitter does, anyway. But that is mostly over a longer period of time - for a weekend it might be different as less housekeeping effort needed.

hellhasnofury Wed 14-Sep-11 14:04:03

I pay £5 a day. She comes in, feeds the cats (we have two), checks on DS's lizard and snake and feeds them too when needs be.

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