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My elderly cat may have had a fit, please advise

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Bananaketchup Fri 09-Sep-11 12:29:13

My 18 year old cat has probably had a fit - rang 24 hour vet and that's what they think. It was like his front legs stopped working and he lay on his side looking very unwell, but after a minute could walk again and after 40 minutes seemed normal. The vet (over the phone) said it sounds like a fit, probably caused by a tumour, and he might have weeks or months. In reading another thread a poster mentioned liver infection causing a cat fits and retching - he did kind of retch for a bit this morning, like he had a fur ball but didn't cough one up. I am very reluctant to take him to the vet as it distresses him so much, and if these are potentially his last weeks I don't want that. But then if it could be an infection maybe I should? If any one can advise I'd be grateful, I know he's old and will be going one day soon but I really want to do the best for him now and not cause him distress sad

Lizcat Fri 09-Sep-11 13:19:47

There are several different causes of fitting in cats. Yes tumours would be at the top of the list in old cats, but are by no means the only cause. I would get your cat checked out even if she doesn't find it fun.

Bananaketchup Fri 09-Sep-11 16:17:59

Ok well scrap the part about retching - the furball has come up now. Think I need to ring the daytime vets.

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