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how much would you pay an 11 year old for dog walking and cat feeding?

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hatwoman Sat 13-Aug-11 12:54:28

dd is doing a little flier to post through letter boxes, offering dog walking and cat feeding. How much would be a reasonable amount, for, say 30 minutes dog walking, and how much for a trip to a house to feed a cat?

lubeybooby Sat 13-Aug-11 12:59:54

I'd be happy to pay a fiver per trip for those things, presuming each would take her and hour thats just a smidge above min wage I think

lubeybooby Sat 13-Aug-11 13:00:10


aquos Sat 13-Aug-11 13:10:18

Is she going to be a key holder for popping in to feed the cats and walk the dogs? Personally I wouldn't give my house keys to an 11 yo. Or perhaps they'll be an adult accompanying her?

Occasionally I pay my 16yo nephew to do what you are proposing. He has to walk 30 mins to our house, feed the cat and dog and walk the dog, then walk 30 mins home again. I give him £10. It's not a regular thing though.

If you have any local old peoples housing that could be a good place to drop leaflets. Old people home so no need to worry about keys and security, but need someone to walk the dog if they can no longer get about easily.

hatwoman Sat 13-Aug-11 13:31:17

hmmm need to think about the key thing and whether or not I'm prepared to accompany her to check she locks up. On the one hand it'll be a minor pita and a bit self-defeating (might as well feed the cat myself), but on the other hand it's establishing the principle that it's her job and, as she gets older, I can melt away.

the area we'd "target" is very small. no more than a 5 - min walk from our house (because any further than that and there's nothing but fields). so taking a dog for a 30 min walk would take her no more than 40 minutes iyswim.

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