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Don't want to be a cat stealer - help!

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MysteriousHamster Wed 03-Aug-11 22:03:01

First off, I'm not actually going to steal anyone's cat, so don't worry about that.

But a (presumably local) young cat has started hanging around our back garden. If we are out there she follows us and rubs herself on our legs and yowls when go back inside (without her).

She has no collar but looks healthy and her coat is in good condition.

I know nothing about cats (I'm actually allergic to them but have a soft spot for most animals), so have no idea if she is just playing us, whether her owners could be away (do people still go away and just leave their cats?), or what.

I don't want to get too attached but must admit to putting some water out on a saucer today/yesterday just because it was so hot. I guess I should just be ignoring her as she must be someone's if she looks ok?

Yesterday she jumped in through our kitchen window (but jumped out when I saw her, obviously terrified) and I've realised too late that by showing her affection that I'm going to have trouble leaving patio doors or windows open now.

But then I look at her little face...

What should I be doing? Feel free to shout.

MysteriousHamster Wed 03-Aug-11 22:04:42

Just thought of more info: the past couple of nights she seems to have spent most the evening in our back garden.

I don't actually want to end up letting her in - we're both allergic and chances are my young son will be too. Am happy to be friendly and give her a stroke outside though, if it's not going to confuse her.

GrimmaTheNome Wed 03-Aug-11 22:20:20

Put water out by all means but don't let her in or feed her.

If you begin to really worry that she doesn't have an owner, one way to find out is to put a collar on her.

(I had a friend whose cat appeared on day wearing a collar, someone had evidently 'adopted' it so he attached a label to it telling them that thanks, but the cat had a home and did not need extra feeding!)

You could attach one of those little capsules and enclose a note.

ShoutyBag Wed 03-Aug-11 22:36:23

You could put a collar on her, with a note on it, asking the owner to call to confirm that the cat is indeed someone elses, just a thought.

ShoutyBag Wed 03-Aug-11 22:36:51

oops sorry didnt read previous post...duh!

MysteriousHamster Wed 03-Aug-11 22:49:20

Maybe I will try that. At the moment I can't go outside without her emerging from somewhere in our garden and rushing up to me. Just now I pulled the curtains to one side just to look through the window and she appeared. Is now mewing at the window and giving me sad eyes.

GrimmaTheNome Thu 04-Aug-11 00:26:34

Don't worry too much.

We have neighbourhood cats who do this sort of thing (usually pick on lady next door who's a soft touch). Thing is, we know these little beggars have owners and are just trying it on/looking for a little attention.

Stroke if you want, but don't let one paw over the threshold!

TheFrogs Thu 04-Aug-11 01:00:06

Dont encourage it.

I have a really old cat who now lives in my neighbour's garden rather than come home because neighbour kept feeding her when I specifically asked her not to. Neighbour wont let the cat in her house as she has a cat allergy. Poor old cat shouldn't be living outside, she was well fed and loved here but very timid...guess it was easier to bugger off if there was someone willing to feed her than come back here for food and get used to our new kitten as she had in the past. I just hope she comes back in the winter sad.

MysteriousHamster Thu 04-Aug-11 13:46:59

TheFrogs I won't - we don't want someone else's cat - I just want to make sure she's ok. We have lots of neighbourhood cats around, but this is the first time one hasn't gone away and seems to spend the entire evening in our garden hoping for attention.

I bought a cat collar and little thing to put a note in today, but not sure now if I'm being ridiculous about it all. After all, she does seem healthy and well-fed. It's only the fact that she never seems to leave the garden in the evening and cries for us that is making me want to check.

If I do decide to put it on her, what shall I say? Can't seem to find the right words. Something like: If you're the owner of this cat please text me on XXXX. She's fine - I just want to confirm she has an owner as she's persistently looking for us/keeps calling for us/doesn't seem to be going home

What can I say that doesn't make me sound like a crazy cat-stealer?

We have just spent some money making our decking safe so our one year old can wander in and out the house if we are in the garden with him, but obviously we can't even keep the door open at the moment. And I just want to know the cat's ok.

GrimmaTheNome Thu 04-Aug-11 18:03:58

Sounds OK to me, if you can fit all that inside the capsule?

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