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best insurance for two retrievers

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2dogs2kids Sun 26-Jun-11 10:31:24

Which company offers the best insurance ? Our dogs are 4 and 3, have a tendancy to eat everything ! Just moved from USA and had large bill of $4000 after one ate the dental floss.

Pumpernickelcuntychops Sun 26-Jun-11 20:35:04

Tesco pet insurance are great, never had any problems with them paying up. Our dog as cancer at the m

Pumpernickelcuntychops Sun 26-Jun-11 20:35:28

At the moment and they've been excellent

Kormachameleon Sun 26-Jun-11 20:37:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pumpernickelcuntychops Sun 26-Jun-11 21:41:13

Yes petplan are also good too

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