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Moving house with two cats, how long do we keep them in for?

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marthamydear Sun 15-May-11 01:08:32

We will be moving from our flat to a new house sometime soon, and I'm worried the cats will feel unsettled. I'd like to make the move as stress free as possible for them.

I'm terrified they will run away and get lost. They are outdoor cats (they'd climb the wall if I kept them in constantly)

They have been at our flat for 8 years and we kept them in for 2 weeks before we let them out, (when we moved here) but they are a 10 years old now.
Should I keep them in for 2 weeks when we get there and then take them out in the garden after 2 weeks on their lead, so they can smell their new territory or should I let them roam the garden on their own?

Any advice would be appreciated. I really don't want them to feel pushed out (we've just had a baby too).


TIDDLYMUM Sun 15-May-11 01:38:51

I have heard buttering their paws helps as they spend so much time licking it off they forget to run away. Not sure about greasy marks though ?

Browncoats Sun 15-May-11 22:30:52

We moved to our new house about 2 years ago with our two male cats of 9 years old. We kept them in for 4 weeks just so all the unpacking was done and we were all settled into a routine etc., then just opened the door one day at the weekend when we had cancelled all of our plans for Sat and Sun. We wedged the door open and just let them come and go all weekend.

After that, we've just needed to keep one of the windows open for them and they've been fine so far grin Good luck, I know it's stressful!

marthamydear Mon 16-May-11 21:17:04

Thank you for your advice, that's really helpful. I will keep them as indoor cats for 3 to 4 weeks instead of 2. I'd like them to feel at home at the house first, before I let them out to explore the garden xx

ItsMyTurn Mon 16-May-11 21:57:31

we moved house to a completely different area last Oct and kept our cats (3 of them) indoors for 2 weeks. teh oldest cat is 9 and the two kitties were 17months old. We let them out when they wre hungry and they came back no problem. when they came back in I gave them loads of fuss and food. the biggest pain was retraining them to use the outside as a loo instead fo their litter trays. WE had to wean them off them!

bilblio Mon 16-May-11 22:37:03

Our cats were about 6 when we moved. On the day of the move we made sure a room was empty and the cats were put in there while we loaded the van, then once we were at the new place they were again shut in a room while we unloaded. We were travelling quite a distance and we knew once we started messing loading the van they'd get stressed and disappear to get peace and quiet.

We kept them in for 2-3 weeks. The first week was fine, but the second week they were getting restless so I started carrying them round the garden getting them used tot the smells. One of our cats had disappeared for 6 weeks a couple of years earlier so I was really worried about letting him out.

After 2 weeks they were well and truely settled in the house, they'd explored everywhere and were driving us mad with miaowing at night, and trying to get outside at any opportunity so we let them out.

The first few times we let them out we made sure they were hungry, we'd give them a little while wandering outside and as soon they started going beyond where we could have got them back we loudly dished up food.

marthamydear Tue 17-May-11 22:48:01

Thanks again for advice. I will use all suggestions x

marthamydear Mon 24-Oct-11 17:16:34

Hello everyone,

Well my worst fear has come true. We moved late July and I started letting the cats out last week. They have been good and stayed in the garden and explored next door neighbours garden, but have always come back in when I've banged two saucers together (indicate soft pouch food)

One of my cats was let out at 11am and is still no where to be seen. I've walked around the block 2 times calling for him and there's no sign.

I'm so upset about this - do you think she's lost? or trapped? or trying to get back to our old place? It's 9 miles away - so I don't think she'll know how to get back.

Posters up tonight and walking the streets again when DH home.

I hope he comes home. He's 10 and he'll get cold. He doesn't go out at night sad

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