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Is this racing/homing pigeon lost ?

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gforgiraffe Tue 10-May-11 17:04:34

We've had a beautiful racing/homing pigeon hanging around our house for the last 3 days. We've been giving it bird seed but it doesn't seem to be willing to go !! Is there any way that we can trace whose it is to let them know ? It has got rings on it's legs but I can't see all the numbers on them. I've tried putting seed on the windowsill so I can get closer to him but I can't quite see the numbers on his left leg.
Anyone any wiser ??

DooinMeCleanin Tue 10-May-11 17:08:10

You need to see the numbers on it's rings. Try and catch it <easier said than done I know>

If it is a racing pigeon please don't send it back. It will be destroyed. Where abouts are you? Roughly. I know someone in Teesside who takes in failed racing pigeons.

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 10-May-11 17:10:18

I have rescued one before and it was so worth doing smile We lured it into a cat carrier with seed. We looked the ring up and phoned the association whos ring it was. They gave us the owners phone number and we phoned them. They were so so happy as it was a champion pigeon. Loads had got lost from that release and this was his favourite one. We had to look after it for the weekend and then FedEx came and picked it up. The most difficult part was stuffing it into the cardboard box they bought. dd included a picture she had drawn of it.

The owners were lovely, sent us pictures of their garden and some crocus bulbs for dd.

southeastastra Tue 10-May-11 17:11:51

i had loads of them in my garden at one point, i think my garden was a sort of meeting point, they just fly off eventually

gforgiraffe Tue 10-May-11 21:21:02

Thanks everyone.
The pigeon only seems to be around in the daytime. Looking at the websites I have to catch the pigeon before they can contact the owners. I really hope it won't be destroyed.
Here goes catching it tomorrow if its still around.

iwantgin Mon 15-Jun-15 14:58:38

I know this is an old thread, but resurrecting it as I am in the same predicament.

I have had a pigeon loitering for a week now. I have called the number on it's leg ring, but the owner doesn't really seem all that bothered about getting it back.

Any advice? I could just leave it - but we have a lot of big pigeons, magpies etc in our trees and they are a bit fierce towards each other other birds.

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