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Help with stray yorkie PLEASE!!!!!

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Ishouldprobablywax Sun 22-Aug-10 17:27:40

Hi there!
A tiny yorkie has been running around the street and up and down the alley behind us, it is quite dirty looking but seems glued to this street as though he lives close,
have tried to approach it but is very skittish and just runs away, even when I tried to offer it some ham. I'm on my own so it's hard to trap it- thought I could pop it in my yard then knock round to see if it was anyones
it's nearly gotten run over twice. It's such a tiny thing I'm terrified of it getting hit. RSPCA aren't answering neither are dogs Manchester
what should I do??? Help!!
I'm on my iPhone outside watching it so please be quick!

Do you have any food you could tempt it with?

Cheese, sardines?

If you could get it into your yard at least it won't get run over.

scurryfunge Sun 22-Aug-10 17:39:16

RSPCA will not bother their arses about it so don't bother with them. You'll have to wait til office hours and call the dog warden who will come and get it.

Knock on neighbours doors to see if they know whose it is.

Ishouldprobablywax Sun 22-Aug-10 17:41:43

Have tried ham but he wouldn't approach me- when I threw it to him he bolted!
Have knocked round but no luck-most ppl round here's English isn't so good and aren't keen on dogs so Boone will help. Gah!

BuzzingNoise Sun 22-Aug-10 17:49:39

try and trap him in your yard. Is there a rescue centre near you?

Ishouldprobablywax Sun 22-Aug-10 17:52:00

Yes RSPCA is only 2 miles away but they won't answer phone- grr I need to sort of herd him in but he's so skittish

Vallhala Sun 22-Aug-10 18:07:18

SOME councils have a 24 hour dog warden, it is worth a try though I doubt that you'll have much luck.

FFS DON'T take him to Manchester "Dogs Home" if you catch him - its a pound and despite what they say, I have personal experience of them killing healthy dogs. (I'm an independent rescuer).

IF you catch him, take him to a no-kill rescue or keep him until Monday morning when you must by law contact the dog warden to tell him your find. Sadly Manchester "Dogs Home" is the pound of choice for 99% of the Manchester area councils. You do NOT however have to hand the dog over if you are willing and able to keep him until such a time as he is claimed by his owner/for life, whichever comes first. If this is your choice, don't take any crap from the warden, you have every right in law to care for the dog providing that they can't prove that you would neglect/ill treat him and that you are willing to keep him for 28 days initially, unless the owner comes forward. Give me a shout if you need more info on this. The dog warden should come out and check the dog for a microchip or you can ask a vet to check him.

Either way, if you do catch him, ring the Police, who have no authority over non-dangerous strays now but who should note the dog as found and, if the owner has reported him as missing, can match the two. To do this is to cover your ass in case of accusations of wrong-doing. Ring now to report it, just in CASE some poor sod has reported the loss of their dog and can come hot-footing over to get him.

HOW to catch him is a different matter. Strong smelling food might help to tempt - pilchards for example. Borrow someone else's friendly dog, take him/her for a walk on lead and see if you can tempt the Yorkie forward.

Call Cats Protection or local cat rescue and try to borrow a cat trap.


Ishouldprobablywax Sun 22-Aug-10 18:20:39

Thanks Valhalla-I've seen you around so thought u might help! I had no idea about dogs Manchester, Jesus.
Finally got him in my yard- left trail of cat food which obv isn't ideal but heyho.
Hadn't thought of police, will do that now, I
starting to wonder if it's owner is ill or old.
Should I stick a note through some doors if ppl are out?
Such a shame, seems like a happy chap.
Think I will consider keeping if not claimed will take it to vets Monday to check for chips etc thankyou'

Vallhala Sun 22-Aug-10 18:33:54

Brilliant! Well done!

I always fear that a "Found" notice could create the wrong sort of interest. If you pop notes through doors or put a poster up, keep it vague. "Found, small terrier type dog at High Street, please call mobile number...", that sort of thing, rather than "Found, Yorkshire Terrier".

This is Rochdale#s policy wrt those who find and wish to keep a stray dog. It's an example of good practice, as I said, if that's the way you want to go and your council argue, tell them you're going to ask the RSPCA lawyers to contact the Head of Environmental Health to remind him of his duties in law!

"Occasionally the finder of a stray dog may wish to keep it. In this case you must contact the Council with the dog's full descriptive details and your name and address, so that they can be recorded in our register. If you choose to keep the dog the law requires you to do so (unless it is claimed by its owner) for not less than 28 days and that failure to comply with this obligation is a criminal offence.

The law also requires us to make all reasonable enquiries to ascertain that the finder is a fit and proper person to keep the dog and that he/she is able to feed and care for it. Therefore a Council Officer will visit the finder (usually within one working day) to discuss the care of the dog and explain the finders legal responsibilities. This visit will be followed up with a letter confirming the details of this visit.

It should be noted that even after 28 days, if a person can prove that they are the owner of the dog and requests the return of the dog, then the finder may have to relinquish his/her custodianship of the dog. Disputes over ownership are a civil matter and the authority does not become involved."

Vallhala Mon 23-Aug-10 12:47:59

Hiya, I gather you wanted me? Or is my laptop playing silly buggers?!

yorkiemom01 Wed 10-Oct-12 13:38:20

Good day. I am trying to help my frien locate her yorkie that got lost. Could you please provide me with more details of the yorkie and your area as she lives in Valhalla and has desperately been looking for her yorkie?

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 11-Oct-12 19:13:09

Yorkiemom this thread is two years old.

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