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how much do you feed your cats?

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AlicesWonderland Tue 17-Aug-10 16:50:59

I have two cats a she cat and a tom, I feed them in the morning and before I go to bed, but they are constantly hungry

They have been wormed so it's not that, but they are constantly scavenging and crying for food when I walk into the kitchen or past their bowls

They have half a tin each at each feed so that's a full tin a day and there is dry food out all the time

Just thought I should check if they were being greedy or if I was being mean with the food blush

crolovlib Tue 17-Aug-10 17:46:42

I have 2 cats both female -they are fed morning and bedtime - I stick to IAMs dry and water -they have a bit of chicken or left over meat now and then too.
If you are giving a tin of meat and dry they are getting enough to eat -suspect they playing you up . It is easy to overfeed then vet complains they are fat !
Hang in there -be firm

TheLifeOfRiley Tue 17-Aug-10 17:51:14

I was going to post this question too AlicesWOnderland but now I think I am underfeeding my cat! blush blush

I was giving her a pouch of whiskas and some of the biscuits mixed in, once a day - and she rarely finishes the bowl. She is naturally little and has never 'asked' for food until the last couple of months I have noticed her hounding me everyday for more food and water - she will only drink it running from the kitchen tap. hmm

stickyj Tue 17-Aug-10 17:56:51

OMG my two kittens (about 18 weeks) are on about 5 sachets a day between them, easily and there's always dry food available. Am I going to have fat cats or is it because they're growing? They constantly savage the bin bag too! grin

FranSanDisco Tue 17-Aug-10 18:02:20

My she cat has about 4 sachets a day but she likes the bowl to always be full hmm. She has decided she is too posh for felix or whispers and wants sheba sachets now. This gal was a stray up till January this year so I think she avin' a larf.

sharbie Tue 17-Aug-10 18:03:39

every cat i have ever owned has always been very greedy and will eat and eat (and if they eat too much will just be sick on the carpet)

sharbie Tue 17-Aug-10 18:04:28

i have one who is permanently on fridge duty - sat outside fridge waiting for it to open

scurryfunge Tue 17-Aug-10 18:04:53

I feed my tom 2 sachets per day plus dry biscuits occasionally. He whines constantly when I'm in the kitchen.He is not underweight and has been wormed. He just likes taking the piss, I think.

bibbitybobbityhat Tue 17-Aug-10 18:09:33

I used to give my tom cat 3 or 4 sachets a day but he would always leave a little bit in the bowl, the terror. And he had started to be sick quite often - once or twice a week.

I read up online and there were lots of suggestions to reduce his wet food. So now he only gets two sachets per day but eats more dry food. Now there are no manky leftovers hanging around and he hasn't been sick for months. And he hasn't lost weight either.

StudiousSal Tue 17-Aug-10 18:14:37

I feed my cats twice a day, they always have a bowl of kibbles available, and to date they never really finish all their wet food, so I end up throwing it away.

AlicesWonderland Tue 17-Aug-10 20:40:00

thanks everyone don't feel mean now grin

I knew the tom was greedy, I left a chicken out to defrost once and he ate it!! raw!!

He has also been known to eat through a pizza box to get to the pizza and will eat the lot crust and everything grin

Right so now I've got that sorted I just have to stop him from coming through my bedroom window every night....

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